Pumpkin decorating contest

Sophia Edmonson

Pumpkin decorating is something that most students grew up with, but steered away from it as they got older.


But Student Council is putting our decorating skills to the test.


Student Council is sponsoring a homeroom pumpkin decorating contest. 


Each homeroom that signed up to participate has received a pumpkin and can start working on it. 


There are five categories — Panther Spirit, Funniest, Scariest, Character or Movie and Animal or Nature. The judging will begin on Oct. 25 with one category being judged each day.


Winners will be chosen via Instagram poll voting on the Derby StuCo Instagram page. Winners will be announced at the end of each day and the winning homerooms will get a pizza party that will be delivered to your class during the week of Nov. 2-5.