Girls Golf takes on state

Erica Sengthavorn

Finally the dream came true for the girls golf team.


Three golfers qualified for the Class 6A tournament today and Tuesday in Emporia — Chloe Johnson, Hannah Minnis and Katlyn Johnson.


“It feels good enough to qualify, but I’m nervous to play because It’s state,”  said Minnis, who is a sophomore. “I’ve never gone but, like, last year I didn’t get to go to any qualifying tournaments, and so this is my first time going through all the qualifiers and getting that far.”


The golfers have stuck together since the beginning of the season, even though there’s only three on the team. 


“I’m really excited that Katy and Hannah both made it,” Chloe Johnson said. “But especially Katy because this will be our third state tournament together. And so it was really reassuring to know that I have teammates going with me.”