Coming back to Second grade buddies

Erica Sengthavorn

This year is the time to get back into what we started in 2013 


Student council is visiting Swaney Elementary Thursday to meet their second grade buddies. 


Second grade buddies involve Stuco members going and having fun with their buddy, making all about me pictures, eating snacks, etc. 


“I think it’s really fun and really cool and I’m really excited to kinda get a new perspective cause obviously I know what I felt as a second grader but I’m really excited to be a high schooler and being able to talk to the new generation is really cool,” sophomore Abby Kuhn said. 


After meeting their new buddies, the high school student and the second graders become pen pals.


Sophomore Natalie Wilson can’t wait to get started. 


“I’m really excited just because I remember that it was something I looked forward to and liked when I was in second grade,” Wilson said. “It’s something I’m excited to be able to keep it going with second graders and get to participate on the other end.”