Cowden: Astroworld tragedy truly horrific

Reese Cowden

Going to a concert you’re excited for and then having it end in tragedy is one unimaginable nightmare. 

A concert from hell.

Astroworld, an annual music festival held at Six Flags in Houston resulted in eight deaths and many injuries. Even a 10-year-old was brought to the hospital.

This all took place when rapper Travis Scott took the stage.

The videos posted were truly horrifying to watch. 

Seeing people under piles of bodies and pleading for help while the music blared and lights flashed was chaos.

People were being crushed, passing out and screaming out for help within seconds of Scott performing his first song of the night. 

It was a crowd that was condemned from the start. Videos were posted of people breaking down rails and barriers, then even getting tazed in the merch line.

An ambulance even entered the crowd. Scott continued on with the performance while people jumped and climbed on top of it.

You would think Travis Scott would stop his show when bodies were dropping and the screams were no longer from excitement. 

He didn’t.

And now he faces the backlash, with many lawsuits from the family of the injured and the reactions from the public after his not-so-enthusiastic apology video posted on his instagram story.