Macy Dowell reposted by Zendaya

Sophia Edmonson, Video Editor, Photo Editor

Senior Macy Dowell was still half asleep when she called her mom and started screaming. Her mom thought that the house had burned down. 

“I was like, ‘no, no, (the house isn’t burned down). Zendaya just reposted me on her story,’” Dowell said. “… I couldn’t believe it.”


Dowell has been a fan of Marvel for many years; she met Spider-Man actor Tom Holland when she went to ComicCon as a sophomore. So she decided to dress up as MJ from Spider-man played by Zendaya.


“I was trying to think of my costume plans. And I wanted something that people would be able to recognize, but I also wanted something that I would love,” Dowell said.


Dowell second-guessed herself right before Halloween and wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision for her Halloween costume. She went to Walmart and contemplated if she should get scrubs, so she could be a nurse, because she felt like people might not recognize who she was in the MJ costume.


“I put a story up on my private story for my friends and I told them to vote (for a costume) and they’re like, ‘you have to do MJ, like, that’s so much more you.’ And I was like, ‘yeah, you guys are right.’ I don’t care what anybody else thinks, so that’s what I did,” Dowell said.