Formal dress shopping

Aimee Penka

Formal dress shopping is always such a fun experience, you go to the mall, look and try on 10 or so dresses and pick out that dress you love and want to dance the night away in. 


Sparkly, satin, emerald and many more colors of dresses line the racks at stores. They are all laid out for teens to grab and try on. 


Some get their dresses early, and for others it’s a last-minute thing. The mall tends to get crowded the weekend before a dance, though, because the demand for dresses is high. 


Dances like Homecoming, Hollyball and Prom are so exciting to get prepared for. Buying a dress is one of the most anticipated things about dances. 


It’s a lot of fun trying on dresses with your friends or family and getting to find the dress that you feel good in and love.