Shay: Politics don’t belong in health

Nik Shay, Design Team

It’s safe to say that after the most recent Derby school board meeting, I am left worried about the future of the school. 

The meeting consisted of not only political digression but just a complete disregard for anyone who is affected by the board’s decisions.

It’s very clear that the basis on which the school board makes decisions is founded on personal politics, rather than the overall well-being of the educational body. 

Watching my middle school principal stand up to talk about a teacher who died from Covid-19 only to be completely disregarded was heartbreaking to see. And it only reinforces the thought process that politics are at the forefront of the board’s decisions.
In today’s world, everything gets turned into political propaganda, even where it doesn’t belong at all, especially with general health and safety. 

After seeing so many absences and positive Covid cases last week, it boggles my mind as to why we haven’t taken into consideration the number of people that are seriously affected by this virus.

Whether the virus feels like a cold or not, the fact that the Derby school board decided to remove the mandate altogether feels like they are just letting the virus run wild.

Mandating masks for at least two weeks could help mitigate the number of kids that are missing classes, and ensure that we have enough teachers healthy enough to be in class.

The board needs to consider all of the people who can be affected, not whether or not it aligns with their political beliefs.