Make 2-22-22 about you

Janeah Berry

Affirmation, meditation and self care.

Make today an excuse to focus on you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Also read as 2/22/22 is a palindrome that won’t happen for another 100 years. 

So what is the significance of the “2”? 

How can you use today to manifest a better future?

In relation to angel numbers, “2” associates with harmony, balance, consideration and love. Whether you believe in the workings of the universe or not, there is some belief all over the world that today we are connected to a higher frequency, experiencing a powerful energy. A perfect moment to manifest.

Manifestation is a popular practice of using affirmations and/or wishes, etc. to bring your aspirations and goals to fruition. 

Even if today really means nothing in the universe, make it meaningful to you.

Write down your goals.

Put on a face mask.

Drink water.

Speak with intent. 

Enjoy you.

Want some extra celebration? Type 2/22/22 on google to receive a fun message!