National Organization for Women club starts at DHS

Aubrey Nguyen

Senior Emi Beran and sophomore Kaleysia Thompson gave NOW its first push in December. 

The club, which is an offshoot of the National Organization for Women, was created to empower women and let members know they aren’t alone.

“I wanted to start a club where I felt comfortable and accepted and learn all the difficulties there are being a woman,” Beran said. 

“I believe just being able to spread the word about the club will make an impact, but educating the school about all the women before us who have changed the world will too.”

Beran views feminism as support, not hate toward anyone else. 

“I would like to educate this school on the subject of feminism as best as I can, showing how it’s not man hating. It’s teaching ourselves to be more confident and feel more empowered,” she said. 

The club is full of students who want to create change at Derby and support each other for being themselves, no matter who they are. Members looked for ways to show support, such as handing out compliment cards in the hallway.

“Everyone is welcome – boys, girls, people of all genders, sexuality and races,” sophomore Mikayla Cleveland said. “It feels very good to be surrounded by such amazing, supporting people who accept everyone for who they are.”

NOW is about equity, unity, standing up for each other. 

“I joined this club because I have some strong opinions on how women should be treated and represented, not only in Derby, but in society as well,” junior Kirsten Bourgeois said. “… If we continue to have that passion and drive to better our community, then we can most definitely have an impact on Derby.”