Kanye’s behavior concerning

Lindsay Tyrell-Blake

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson revealed that they were in a relationship in October 2021. 

Soon after the announcement of their relationship, Kanye West – Kardashian and West are in the process of divorcing – began making harsh remarks about Davidson, and showed a stalker-like behavior towards his ex. 

This behavior quickly alarmed fans and caused many fans to suspect that Kanye is not in the right mind-set, including freshman Bella Penka.

“I think that Kanye has kind of lost it,” Penka said. “I side with Pete. He’s just doing his thing and dating who he wants, and Kanye is kind of … going psycho.”

There have been all kinds of arguments on whether Kanye should be arrested or have some sort of consequences for this border-line abusive behavior.

“I don’t think that he should be arrested, but I do think that he should be checked into a mental hospital or something, because he’s kind of losing it a little bit,” Penka said.