2nd grade buddies visit Swaney Elementary

Natalie Wilson

Student Council will be taking their third trip to Swaney Elementary today to visit their second grade buddies. Each high school student is assigned to one second grade student that they write letters to throughout the school year. 

“I like watching the high school kids interact with the younger kids and get an opportunity to see how much somebody might look up to them just because of the things that they’re involved in and the kind of people that they are,” student council sponsor Sara Wilson said. 

The experience is unique to anything else that STUCO does. The high school students and second graders alike look forward to getting to be together and see each other about once a quarter.

“It’s just a lot of fun to talk about their school day or what they do,” freshman Piper Hula said. “They’re so funny. The things they say are so much different than having a conversation with normal high schoolers.”

The next time that the second grade buddies meet up, the second graders will come to the high school and the high schoolers will give them a tour of the high school.