Shooting at Towne East mall frightens students and community

Zara Thomas

Sometimes people forget – or perhaps ignore – how big and widespread the issue of gun violence really is. 

Until it happens in our own community.

On March 18, at around 5:30 p.m., police were notified of an active shooter at the Towne East Mall in Wichita.

Several students from Derby High were working or shopping at the mall that day, including junior Caleb Brown, who works at Tilly’s.

“I just tried to get as far away from where I heard the shots,” Brown said.

This shooting so close to home has led to many students feeling unsafe to even leave their own homes and go to places that they normally go to every day, like school and work.

“It was a horrifying feeling, just knowing something like that could go down to anyone at any time,” Brown said.