Repertory theater performs for district 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders

Natalie Wilson, Social Media Editor

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Repertory Theater performed for the third, fourth and fifth graders from across the Derby school district.


“I really like seeing the audience’s reaction to different things,” junior Tyler Atherton said. “It’s really mesmerizing when you feel the energy that’s coming off of the crowd.”


Performing for kids is a little different than performing for an audience full of adults though.


“The kids definitely have a lot more energy than adults,” Atherton said. “They’re little kids and they’re a little riled up and they’re more interactive with us.”


On Wednesday, there were about 200 students that came to see the show. However, on Thursday there were 700 kids. This might make some nervous, but Atherton wasn’t.


“I’ve always been kind of natural with acting, so I feel like it’s gonna make it better,” Atherton said.