The slap heard around the world

Zara Thomas

On Sunday night, Will Smith and Chris Rock shocked all of America at the Oscars. 

Rock, who was speaking on stage, made fun of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who has hair loss due to the disease alopecia areata.

Smith then walked onto the stage and hit Rock in the face, then walked back to his seat and demanded that Rock “keep (his) wife’s name out of his… mouth.”

“My initial reaction was that it was pretty funny and also kind of shocking since you don’t see celebrities slap each other every day,” junior Keenan Barker said.

Some believe that the situation could have been handled better than how it went.

“(Smith) should have just, like, talked to (Rock) after it,” Barker said. “But due to the fact that they are both friends and have been friends for a long time, I am, like, 90% sure Will and Chris–with help from the Oscars–preplanned this whole thing to bring back some of the viewership to the Oscars.”