Business is back with Panther’s Den

Lindsay Tyrell-Blake

Panther’s Den had been closed for two-years – due to lack of supplies during the pandemic – but is now back and booming with business. 

This concession stand based in the commons is available throughout all five lunches. It sells delicious snacks for cheap prices. The cart has different varieties of chips, drinks, cookies, muffins and so much more.

“The drinks, chips and probably the cookies (are most popular),” Janice Armstrong, the vendor at the Panther’s Den said.

Panther’s Den is getting buyers all throughout the two hour period – lines growing longer day by day.

“In the last three days we have been getting a lot of service,” Armstrong said. 

Panther’s Den is a great chance to grab yourself a snack and drink – so why not stop by and see what they have to offer.