HOSA students qualify for nationals

Zara Thomas

Junior Jayden Island and seniors Anna Linn, Vy Nguyen and Vivian Kalb all placed first at state for HOSA, and have the opportunity to go to Nashville in June for nationals.

Island placed first in Epidemiology, and Linn, Nguyen and Kalb presented together and got first in Community Awareness.

“In its simplest terms, the best way I can explain (epidemiology) is as the statistics of medicine,” Island said. “Basically just using information to see patterns in healthcare and across different demographics.”

Island feels mixed feelings about nationals.

“(It’s) very exciting but a little stressful since I have three other major academic events occurring.”

Linn, Nguyen and Kalb did their Community Awareness presentation on an important worldwide issue.

“We competed in the Community Awareness event and did a project over period poverty,” Linn said.

Unfortunately, the three girls may not be able to attend nationals, much to their upset.

“We haven’t decided if we are going to Nashville for nationals but we are leaning more (toward) not going because of schedule conflicts,” Linn said. “So I guess (I’m feeling) kind of mixed feelings since I am excited that we qualified for nationals and it would be fun to go but (I’m) not sure if we can actually make that happen.”