Mbezi: Come learn inside K-11


It’s a room that looks almost hidden in the school building. 

But in that room of lamps and filled whiteboards is where stories are told, and how I got introduced into the world of journalism.

As a freshman, I didn’t know what classes I should take my first semester of high school. So I decided to try something new and take a 21st Century Journalism course.

I would recommend that everyone take that class. Not only did it help me find a passion for writing and telling stories, but it also helped me to branch out and learn life lessons.

Journalism taught me to appreciate that everyone has a unique story. I came to realize that people that I pass by in the halls are each their own main character of their movie. They are athletes, artists, musicians, scholars or humanitarians. 

But they each have a voice, and my job is to let their stories be heard. 

To anybody who may be reading this, I urge you to give K-11 a shot. 

Because what starts out as just a class to fill in your schedule could change your outlook on the world.