Every day is Earth Day

Earth Day: the one day of the year that most people pay any attention to the environment. 

Despite the world getting warmer every day and entire ecosystems being threatened by humans, people continue to live their lives as normal. 

“I think that it is quite often overlooked….” sophomore Sam Ibbetson said. “People don’t care for the Earth as much as they should.”

To try to help Mother Nature, people could work harder to reduce their carbon footprint during their time on this Earth.

“If you have $5 to buy fresh produce, that will reduce carbon footprints,” freshman Adriana Dollarhide said. “If you have $5, you can buy $5 worth of frozen meals with a lot of plastic – it’s different.”

Reducing the use of unnecessary products is also a huge part of one’s role in helping the environment.

“There’s still a lot of teachers that do paper assignments when it’s unneeded,” sophomore Isabelle McCabe said. “So just reducing as much as possible to prevent stuff like that (would help reduce climate change).”

There’s only one planet Earth – so people should try to protect it before it’s too late.

“Earth Day is important because it’s a day where we celebrate the Earth and raise awareness about the current state of it and how we can improve it,” sophomore Lalita Souriya said.