StuCo says good bye to Second Grade Buddies

Zara Thomas

Today, StuCo and their Second Grade Buddies met for the last time this year at the high school. 

They’ve met three times throughout the year at Swaney Elementary, where they would get to know each other, make crafts and eat snacks together.

“It’s a really fun opportunity to come connect with kids,” freshman Aleah Jones. “And it’s not something like anything else that you’ll find at Derby High School.”

StuCo met their Buddies for the first time during the first term of school, and have since been able to build relationships with them.

“It’s really interesting seeing how they evolved throughout the school year….” junior Noah Yon said. “Just starting when I first met (my Buddy), and then throughout the year, I’ve been able to see him grow interests like reading books and stuff like that.”

When they weren’t meeting, the Buddies wrote several letters to each other throughout the year.

“I really enjoy writing letters back and forth to my buddy, but I also enjoy when we get to visit and have treats and make crafts and all the fun things,” Jones said.

When the second graders came into the high school for the first time, their gasps of awe of how big the school is compared to Swaney could be heard down the halls.

“I like, just, interacting with kids and showing them how great high school can be and seeing all the reactions to all ‘the big kids’ stuff,” Yon said.