Seniors reminisce on high school and discuss their last days

Alyssa Lai

As seniors come upon their last few days of school, they consider new beginnings and how to properly end their high school career.

“It’s really exciting, because I get to enter a whole new chapter of my life,” senior Charis Yager said. “But it’s also weird and almost sad to think that I will never have another day in high school again.”

Senior Trent Parke plans to cherish these days in the best way he can.

“Really, I’m just gonna dap up the bros in the hallway during passing period a couple more times,” Parke said. “That’s always been the highlight of my days during high school.”

For senior Kevin Phetsomphou, it gives him a chance to look back on his past.

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot over the years and all of it has come to this point,” Phetsomphou said. “Like, I look a lot more different and I’ve managed to come out of my shell way more. But, I’m taking these last days to say my goodbyes and kind of wrap up high school.”

Yager shares some advice.

“I would tell like younger students to just try your best to soak up all of senior year,” she said.