Gifted class yarn-bombs the school

Anita Phandara, Marketing Editor

There’s a whole lot of gray, brown and green in the high school, which is one of the reasons why teacher Molly McFerson’s students created a crocheted yarn project as part of the annual gifted program group art project.

“It’s … to make our school fun and bright,” Rylan Syring said. 

The students crocheted squares, then connected them all with fishing line, tying it up to the railing of the main stairs.

“It’s a project my students do every year that adds colors to our Derby High School hallways,” McFerson said.

It is graffiti art that is crocheted that can be hung up anywhere that is an industrial area or places you wouldn’t expect art to be hung up at. 

“We wanted to do something that is inspired by that, even though it is a little different from the original,” McFerson said.

Previous art projects by McFerson’s classes include the origami hanging from the ceiling in E hall, as well as the bottle cap mural by the library