K-building art show 5/3

Lindsay Tyrell-Blake, Web Editor

K-building hosted an art show on May 3 for students to show off their work to friends and family. 

Talent all around, featuring hundreds of different students’ art – including photography, clay, sculpting, airbrush, wheels, drawings and paintings.

“It’s actually a tradition that happens in K-building for a long time… we haven’t done it for two-years because of Covid, so we are returning back to it – it’s just kind of a long staying tradition,” Natalie Brown – a host of the event – said. “It’s something that’s gone on the 15 years that I’ve been at Derby. It’s just like an annual event. 

Because of the long break, Brown didn’t expect that great of a turnout, but her thoughts were soon proven to be wrong.

“We had quite a few students with their parents and that was fun to see. I think it was a good turnout considering everything that’s still going on with the environment,” Brown said.