Pops Concert of 2022

Aubrey Nguyen

Showcased at the end of every year, all choir groups come together to put on a grand finale, the Pops Concert.  

“It doesn’t just involve singing, there’s dancing too. Pops is the best part of the year,” sophomore Megan Leidy said. 

Leidy had a solo, and prepared everyday by memorizing and practicing her delivery. 

“It’s amazing how it all comes together in the end,” she said

Along with solos, a trio had performed Friday night. 

“I am part of a trio, and it’s been really fun,” junior Kela Schnelle said. “We learned it one day before audition time, but it worked out great because we are good musicians.”

Senior Devin Jarrell was a little emotional after his final Pops concert, as he had been in every show since he started high school.

“Taking so much of my high school career and putting it into singing makes me feel like I’m moving out of a home away from home.”