Teacher appreciation

Anita Phandara, Marketing Editor

We all have that one teacher that we call our favorite, who has impacted our lives and made school more fun. They make us appreciate coming to school and they make things seem easier.

“(Teacher Jeff) Frazee has impacted me because he taught me how to do math, and now I feel smart. They should be appreciated for what they do, they help students succeed in life,” sophomore Amanda Phouthavong said.

Junior Noah Yon also celebrates it to let teachers know they are loved and that their hard work is recognized by students.

“I think it’s important to celebrate it because teachers don’t get enough
recognition for the amount of work they put in and how much of an impact they have on students’ lives,” he said.

“… (Teacher Richard) Holland and (teacher Anita) Curtis have made a positive impact on me this year. With block scheduling it was hard, and for a lot of teachers and the ones that stayed positive and optimistic through it, really helped.”