Senior Emma Atcheson reflects on life after high school


Kaitlyn Jolly, Design Team

Senior Emma Atcheson

How does it feel now that you’ve graduated?

“I feel less stressed, but at the same time my life needs to keep moving. I still have learning to do even though I’m out of school. For example, I’d like to take the initiative to learn about stocks and bonds and investing. When you’re out of school you may have more free time, but you also have more responsibilities as a growing adult.”

What are you most excited about?

“I’m excited about leaving the state and becoming independent where one day I’ll be successful and make my family proud.”

What are you worried about?

“I worry all the time about the future and making people proud, doing the best I can, etc.”

 What are your college plans?

“I’m going to double major in international business and finance at Creighton University. I got accepted into something called the Menards Family Business Research Fellowship where only 30 were chosen, so I’m excited about that. I think I want to be a financial manager but I’m still undecided.”