Summer heat packs a punch

Kaidence Williams , Production Editor

Temperatures soared into the nineties this week, signaling the end of the school year drawing closer. 

“I like that it’s getting warmer,” sophomore Savannah Barker said. “But I’m not like a huge fan of anything over 80 degrees.”  

Tuesday saw the temperature rise to an impressive 98 degrees, but humidity caused it to feel like 106 degrees. 

“I don’t like the heat because I sweat super easily, so I feel like I jumped into a pool after being outside for like five minutes,” sophomore Daxon Flanders said. “I also work out after school so I have to drink extra water to make sure I’m not dehydrated. It’s just bad and makes me feel sick.” 

As the weather grows hotter and the days become longer, one thing is for certain: Summer is right around the corner.