Tennis at state this weekend

Zara Thomas

Ending a sports season is always a bittersweet feeling–especially when the team is going to state.

For senior Evan Franke, it’s his last high school tennis competition, making it even more bittersweet for him.

“I feel a bit of everything: happiness, sadness, etc,” Franke said. “It’s going to be fun because, I mean, it’s state and there’s always amazing competition, but at the same time it’s my last high school event ever.”

Overall, Franke thinks this tennis season went well for him.

“I have a good record and I played good tennis, (I) just wish I didn’t get hurt,” Franke said.

Sophomore Colby Hedden and his doubles partner–and brother–senior Alex Hedden are also headed to state this week.

“It feels amazing to go again for the second year in a row, especially with all the ups and downs my brother and I have had this year,” Hedden said.

When playing doubles tennis, one needs to have a good relationship with their partner, which is convenient for the Hedden brothers, who already know each other outside of tennis. But junior Isaak Bowman and senior Scott Simmons show that you don’t need to be related to your partner to have a good relationship.

“Me and Scott have so much energy and style on the court. It makes things electric,” Bowman said. “It has just got more fun from when I switched from singles to doubles last year.”

The Heddens, Bowman, Simmons, Franke and Collin Meyer are in Olathe today and tomorrow for the state tournament.