Humans of Derby: Kayley Ramsey

Courtney Brown

September 13, 2017

College is thought to be a place of self-discovery for many students, especially when deciding their career path, but for Kayley Ramsey, discovering her passion in high school led her to greater experiences. Ramsey is a You...

Faces of the State Fair

Jillian Jackson and Promise Asher

September 13, 2017

Crowds began to gather, filling the area around the show. Two men challenged gravity before the crowd’s eyes. These are the Flippin’ Acrobats. Performer Ivan Espana and his teammate ran, flipped and jumped inside and outside of an unnetted in...

Humans of Derby: Johnna Harrison

Chloe Brown

September 6, 2017

Sometimes, life can be a lot like paint - chaotic like splatter paint or unpredictable like a Picasso painting. People themselves are sometimes like a palette with all the colors of their lives. Johnna Harrison’s life is...

Drama Club Q&A: Doesken and Holt

Leah Khanu

September 1, 2017

Q&A with senior Erica Doesken and junior Angel Holt, who have both been part of the drama club since their freshmen year. Interview transcript: Q: What role do you play in the upcoming production, You Can’t Take It ...

Senior traditions: Tiffany Way

Hannah Berk

August 31, 2017

Senior Tiffany Way “The senior tradition I think I'm looking most forward to is ringing the bell out front. I'm looking most forward to this because first of all, it will give me the sense of accomplishment. Also becaus...

Humans of Derby: Barb Wilcox

Dawn Mullen

August 31, 2017

Barb Wilcox, a grandmother of three, while on a ice cream trip with her granddaughters, talked about her greatest achievements, as well is what makes her happy. “My greatest achievement would probably be, children -- grandc...

Humans of Derby: Miss Maycie

Kaylian Scott

August 28, 2017

Miss Maycie, who has worked at the Derby Public Library for a year, loves to read, which is why she chose to work with books. She doesn’t live in Derby but she loves working and being a part of the community. Maycie’...

Humans of Derby: Richard Frankel

Kayli Marczynski

August 23, 2017

Richard Frankel, owner of Musical Offerings, talks about his biggest accomplishment. “I think (Musical Offerings) …  helping young people become musicians. I never knew life would lead me here, I never had an inclinat...

Humans of Derby: Dan, the UPS man

Promise Asher

August 11, 2017

    UPS is known for delivering packages, however, sometimes their employees are full packages on their own. Meet Dan. Born and raised in Denver, Dan ended up in Kansas by circumstance. With an old soul and a cheer...

Humans of Derby: Chuck

August 11, 2017

Chuck, a customer at Braums Have you done anything exciting this summer? "We’ve done all kinds of exciting things -- we bowled twice a week, four times in the winter.” Tell me a little about yourself. Chuck’...

Humans of Derby: Zach Fitzwater

Courtney Brown

August 10, 2017

Eating a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A, junior Zach Fitzwater’s red shirt signifies that he is not just an average customer -- he is also an employee. Starting to work at Chick-fil-A about six months ago, Fitzwater enjoys wo...

Humans of Derby: Tasha Martinez

Briantae Crockett

August 10, 2017

Tasha Martinez at Arby's “I was born in Minnesota. “I worked at McDonald’s for 10 years and then I went to Braums for about five years, and then I ended up coming to Arby’s. “I’m a mother of three kids. I h...

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