Panther Personality: Anjolie Phu

Agness Mbezi, Copy Editor

There was hope in freshman Anjolie Phu’s heart of going to‭ ‬“The Weeknd”‭ ‬concert after it was cancelled in 2020‭. ‬

So when she heard that the concert was rescheduled‭, ‬she was excited to finally be able to attend‭.‬

“My sister and cousins found out first that the concert was rescheduled‭, ‬but when I found out I was so excited‭.‬”

Her feelings of anxiety were all pushed aside the moment he performed her favorite song‭. ‬

“My favorite song is‭ ‬‘Die for you‭,‬’”‭ ‬she said‭. ‬“We had these bracelets that would light up to certain songs and they lit up to‭ ‬‘Die for you‭.‬’‭ ‬I was so excited‭, ‬my heart was beating so fast‭.”