Page 3: Music’s an outlet for emotions

Larry Marczynski

Music is all around us, here at the school there are some who create that music. Including senior Wyatt Clark, better known as Decoi.

“It was just an emotional outlet, and I have been playing guitar since I was a kid so it just felt right,” Clark said. 

Decoi has been making music since freshman year and has made a hefty amount of songs. 

“Hundreds, more than hundreds probably, there’s a bunch of them unreleased,” he said.

But to make a finished song, Decoi goes through many steps.

“Honestly it just depends, could take a month, could take a day. On average it takes about 2-3 weeks,” he said.

While he doesn’t make his own beats it still takes awhile to finish a song. 

“I just instantly start singing on to the beat I like, I have presets I crafted that make my voice sound good and that’s already on my software,” he said.

Clark makes sure there aren’t any mistakes on his released songs.

“After that process I mix and master the song, remove things and fix things, and then finally it might be done,” 

Decoi makes sure that he likes every song that he puts out. But he finds the emotional aspect of making music more important.

“I liked making running through my mind, and Way I Am but I like my unreleased stuff more. It’s more emotional and creative,” senior Wyatt Clark said.