Pre-ACT & Workkeys

Anita Phandara and Aubrey Nguyen

DHS is one of the state’s biggest schools with 2,182 students. 

But on Wednesday, 1,356 students didn’t come to school.

Freshmen took the PreACT and Juniors had the option of taking the Workkeys in the morning and then, at 12:50 p.m., 30-minute white day classes started.

The Workkeys is meant to help students who are looking for a job right after high school.

“I think the test will be helpful to anyone and would prevent you from having to do it later,” junior Riley Xaysoulenh said. “I am taking it because I want the best outcome for my future.”

While junior Gabriel Araiza chose not to take it, he doesn’t really think it will affect his future

“I don’t think it will impact me not taking it because I’ve already decided my future and it doesn’t require those scores,” Araiza said. 

After taking the Pre-ACT, the freshmen class were able to see just how much they could do in four hours. 

“Some of it was stuff I didn’t really remember, but I know we had learned it at one point,” freshman Gracie Brillheirt said. 

The test is meant to help freshmen prepare for their junior year and what to expect. 

“I feel like it’s necessary for people who want to go to college, or thinking about it,” freshman Erica Puczylwski explained. “But the people who don’t want to shouldn’t have to take it.”