Panther Personalities: Landen Tucker


Marina Loera

Unlike most high school students that rely on technology as a form of entertainment, junior Landen Tucker steps away from the norm and finds peace away from the web, by staying off of social media.

“Social media is a lot of like, showing yourself to other people, competing with other people’s images and I just don’t see it as a good use of my time personally,” Tucker said.

Instead of being glued to a screen, he spends his time outdoors, a love that began in third grade when he started running cross country. 

“I enjoy running, which is a sport I seem to be crazy for doing,” he said.

Tucker has a busy schedule. 

He juggles cross country, track, swim and cleaning up the messes of his three elementary school siblings. 

The outdoors to him is an escape from a hectic-paced life. 

Another way he is connected to the environment is through a generational tradition — Boy Scout Troops. 

Tucker’s dad introduced him to Boy Scouts because that’s what he grew up doing.

He described it to be the next step for him, to continue the tradition. He has been doing it for six years now. Through his troops he spends a lot of time going on camp outs, hikes and staying outdoors. 

“I think going outside is a great option for whenever you’re super stressed. It’s peaceful and lets you get back into the touch of reality. It’s just not quite as busy as life sometimes seems,” Tucker said. 

Some people are happy with materialistic things, but Tucker’s happiness comes from the world outside.

Away from the screen.

“When I’m outdoors, i’m happy. Other times, i’m kind of mellow,” Tucker said.