Reginald for Life: Dino-cated for a Cure


William Henderson

During her experience with cancer, Alayna Bohaty was accompanied by a stuffed dinosaur named Reginald. Now, she’s using Reginald as a way to give back and support cancer patients.

Started by seniors Alayna Bohaty and Max Chisham, Reginald for Life: Dino-cated for a Cure is a fundraising project with the goal of raising awareness of the effects of cancer on people’s everyday lives.

This week at lunch, they will be selling stickers based off of Reginald the dinosaur;

“Reginald has been my stuffed animal throughout my entire cancer experience; I got him as a gift once I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 16 and he has been there with me through everything from my initial surgery, to my second surgery, to my radiation and has just been through all my hospitalizations with me and has been my rock through all of this,” Bohaty said.

Alongside raising awareness, the money raised from the sticker sales will directly benefit pediatric cancer patients.

“They’re selling for $2 apiece, and all the proceeds are going to buying books for cancer hospitals and research centers for children,” Chisham said.
Bohaty and Chisham encourage everybody to drop by their table during lunch to purchase a sticker.

“We just wanna make people more aware of what people are going through and to not judge people based on their outward appearance because they could be going through something horrific,” Bohaty said.

The sticker designs, drawn by a friend who attends Douglass High, can be seen below.

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