Track Q&A with senior Alivia Turner

Zara Thomas, Production Editor

What are you excited about for the 2023 track season?

“I’m excited about hitting new PRs and just bonding with my throwing mates.”

What are your biggest goals this season?

“(The) main one is to stop beating myself up mentally and just learn to be satisfied with how I do. As long as I do my best, that’s all that matters. And to outthrow the girls.”

Who are some people in the different throwing competitions to watch for this year?

“We’ve only had one competition so I haven’t really seen anyone, but there’s a girl from Buhler who has always been good and a guy from Newton who’s really good.”

“Lani (Schnelle) and Analicia Lopez are really good throwers for girls’ shotput and Leshaon (Davis) is amazing at boys’ shotput. Talia (Ransom) is good at girls’ discus and so is Lucas Gifford for boys’ discus.”