Derby’s Best Teacher Duo

Aubrey Nguyen, Content Editor

The championship of the March Madness Teacher Duos played off on April 4th. The fundraiser was put in place to raise money for a journalism trip to San Francisco.
By 3:10, English teachers Diana Beck and Megan Mackay had raised the most money and won Derby’s Best Duo. 

“I feel like it was an obvious win,” Beck said. “We are just winners, we don’t like to lose. I’m very competitive.”

They had students visiting classrooms, winning over the student body with snacks and candy.

“Honestly, I feel like she was the driving force because I was like ‘I’m not sure if I’m committed to putting this much into this’ and then she was like ‘you are not allowed to let us lose,’” explained Mackay. 

Making it to the top wasn’t easy, and the two had tough competition and tension from the other duos.

There were some people who threatened us,” Beck said. “Candace and Tonya up in the office thought that they had a chance, and they were threatening a dance-off if they were close, but we knew we would win.”

As the underdogs, they weren’t sure if they would make it this far into the competition.

“Our first round, we were against Hamblin and Clark and we thought ‘there’s no way, it’s like putting the 1 seed against the 16 seed that way you can knock them out early,’” Beck said. “But we were obviously the 1 seed.”