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Page 1 – No more hallway roamin’

Need to use the bathroom?

Get a pass first.

Then check out on Positive Attendance, go to the bathroom – but only to certain bathrooms printed on the pass – go back to class, check back in, hang your bathroom pass up, use hand sanitizer.

“I don’t like the bathroom passes,” sophomore Austin Kimberly said. “People are setting them on the stalls and stuff and people be peeing on them.”

Each bathroom pass has its own color for the hallway and wing the classroom is in. If students use a restroom that is not in the area of their classroom, discipline is possible. 

“I hate bathroom passes, they’re so stupid,” freshman Devon Titus said. “A bunch of people have to touch them and I can’t walk around with my friends at some point to take a break.”

The goal of the new passes is to keep students from wandering around hallways and walking around with friends during class.

“Since they are my ideas, I think they’re great,” assistant principal Cheryl Parks said.

Airbrush teacher Roger Scovell thinks passes are designed to keep vandalism from happening in the bathroom.

“I think the bathroom passes are to keep things from being shoved down the toilet and the bathrooms getting ruined,” Scovell said. “I like the idea of it only if they are being used properly.” 

Students don’t agree.

“It’s stupid that we have to carry them around. Why do the hall monitors need to know where I’m always going?” sophomore Ava Jones said. 

It’s almost like big brother is always watching. Which he is, considering all the video cameras in the halls.

“The bathroom passes are annoying,” freshman Coraline Miller said. “If one person is out, there’s just a long line waiting and some people can’t just wait that long to just do one thing. People just be staying out for too long. There’s no point in having (the passes) anyways (because) they are still going to ask for the bathroom pass whether they see it or not.”

 Not all students are anti-bathroom passes.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea, it could just be simple and it’s for people to know where you’re going,” freshman Clara Palma-valdez said. “I’ve also never been stopped and asked where I’m going so it doesn’t really bother me.”

Freshman Ruby Beltran Hernadez agreed.

“It’s all right. I don’t really care,” she said. “I don’t mind it at all. If it helps for security or the hall monitors stop me in halls to ask where I’m going then it’s whatever. It doesn’t affect me at all”

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