Journalism student of the day: Chloe Brown

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Chloe Brown’s extensive design knowledge and creativity rocketed her through the leadership ranks. She is co-editor of design in only her second year in yearbook.

She’s supremely talented, but she’s also constantly searching for ways to learn.

“Journalism is so special to me because I love to design,” wrote Brown, who is a triplet. “I can make things look nice and creative, but I also like things that dig deeper and have purpose. Personally, I feel that a lot of people don’t realize that design is purposeful, too, and that as a whole, we journalists consciously think about which stories our school will be interested in, how to cover them, and how to draw people in both verbally and visually.

“We don’t just take a few photos, write a few words and put them on a page. We work to make it an amazing product that we can be proud of and we do it as a team. Our publication motto is ‘you’re not done until everyone’s done.’”

Brown is also passionate about band. Most of her money is spent on flute lessons, and she was a key in the marching band’s 2017 performance.

“The music conveys emotions and memories and I think it is so cool to be the one who is portraying that and giving it to others to interpret it,” Brown wrote.

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Journalism student of the day: Chloe Brown