Journalism student of the day: Kaytlin Hilton

Senior Kaytlin Hilton stepped into her role as an editor in a big way. She took her design to the next level and created a cover for the 2018 yearbook that will stand the test of time.

Hilton has helped lead the yearbook class as it is finishes producing an outstanding, 264-page book.

“I didn’t think I’d ever work this hard in a class,” she said. “It’s exciting…. I spent most of my senior year working on this…. (I’ve been) able to look back at my spreads and see how I grew throughout the year.”

Hilton, who has a passion for missions and loves to spend money on friends, is one of many students who knows that people outside of K-11 have no clue how much work goes into producing the yearbook and newspaper.

“I don’t think they understand that this is truly a student-run production and relies solely on the students themselves to become published,” Hilton wrote. “Students are the ones in contact with the Walsworth (publishing) company.

“Students are the ones passing the newspapers out and gathering them in K-11 from their printing company. Students are making edits, students are editing. IT’S THE STUDENTS CREATING EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING!!!!!

There have been frantic moments, stressful moments, overwhelming moments. But there also have been delightful times on work nights with food and music.