Journalism student of the day: Taelyn Huntley

Freshman Taelyn Huntley joined yearbook at semester. While her time has been brief, she showed so much improvement from her first story to her final story.

Huntley showed a willingness to improve and learn — and then she went to put it into action.

One of the people she has learned from is junior Abby Glanville, who will be the 2018-19 editor in chief.

“She is like a mini teacher and she is able to organize us very well,” Huntley wrote.

While Huntley’s choice in music to rock out to changes constantly, her current favorite is Youngblood by 5 Seconds. Her interests are varied — movies, TV, reading and writing.

Yearbook has been a chance for her to show her writing skills, but it has been odd to feel sort of invisible while taking part in such a big project.

The yearbook — which is 264 pages and will be handed out in August — is just like that.

“I feel like people only know us when the newspaper or yearbook is handed out,” Huntley wrote. “And even if they do acknowledge us, it’s very brief. Otherwise we’re pretty invisible.”