Q&A with Spanish teacher Analia Carter

Emma Kleinschmidt

Q: How do you like being a teacher at the same school as two of your kids?
A: “I feel like working at the school and having children at the school is really good because you get to know a lot of the kids, you get to know your children’s friends — not only in the school environment but outside of school, too.”

Q: Do your kids feel the same?

A: “From the parent point of view I think it’s amazing. I think my children don’t like it that much sometimes, but I feel like it’s great.”

Q:What about having them in class?

A:“To have my son or daughter in class, it doesn’t feel any different to me. I treat them like any other student, I give them what they earn. The only difference is that I know what homework they have when they get home and things like that.”