Trade school’s an option, too

Olivia Jones

More and more people are beginning to find that traditional four-year colleges are not for everyone. 

Trade school enrollment has become more prominent in college selection.

People wanting to advance their more technical skills are looking for an education that will give them hands-on experience in their chosen career field. 

Not sure what a trade school is?

Trade school allows students to get experience in specific occupations. It can range from car mechanics, welding, metalwork,  plumbing, electrician work and airplane part manufacturing. 

According to The Atlantic, the number of students enrolling in traditional universities is rising. The number of students enrolling in trade schools has also risen.   

Junior Hayden Reece plans on going to trade school.

“I didn’t want to waste money and get thousands of dollars in debt, just to make the starting pay of a welder,” Reece said.

Since his education in trade school is paid by alumni, the money he makes in the career is pure profit.

“Even if you don’t plan on going into a trade — if you get a trade role in high school — and you go into a degree in college, you can work that trade during the summer so you don’t have massive debts,” Reece said.