Q&A with Stockton Underwood

Sara Brown

How does CyberPatriot teach national security?

“It shows young people how to sort through some of the vulnerabilities that may be in a computer or in a network, so that it will be easier to spot. It introduces them to the fields and gives them a chance to know what it would be like, so it is easier to tell if you are interested in going into a similar field of study.” 

Do you see cybersecurity in your future as a career? 

“For me personally, no, but I’ve known a lot of people through the program that are actually going into cybersecurity because of it.” 

Why did you join? 

“I joined because it was something that was offered at my old school my freshman year and it was something that I was really interested in.”

What is the most difficult part about being a part of CyberPatriot?

“The toughest part is probably the competitions, especially the later competitions, because it just messes with your head. It deals with some of the ‘nitty-gritty’ that’s deep inside the computer that you really need to know exactly what you’re doing and where to find it.”

How do you feel the teams did at competitions this year? 

“We did well. The three teams that we had placed first, second and third in state for the All Service division.”

Why is CyberPatriot important to you? 

“It is a fun program and you learn a lot from it. Even though I don’t see cybersecurity in my future, it is an important field that CyberPatriot offers a lot of opportunities to learn more about it.” 

What won’t you forget about this experience? 

“The friendships, especially in the competitions because we are all trying to help each other out and motivate each other to keep on going because it does get kind of tiresome.”