New to Derby

Q&A with sophomore Wakati Mathayo

Agness Mbezi

Wakati Mathayo

Q: How do you feel about not having Swahili speakers here at Derby, when you had a large portion of people who spoke Swahili, at your old school (Southeast)?

A: “I feel so lonely. At lunch, I used to sit with people that spoke Swahili, and now I have to try to make new friends because I’m new.”

Q: How is Derby different from Southeast? 

A: “Derby is very confusing from Southeast, like how they put the halls is very confusing. I was surprised at how big it is.”

Q: How do you feel about your new school?

A: “I don’t feel like I did before (nervous). I’m trying to like it (and get used to it).”

Q: How do you feel about the teachers and students who are helping you at school?

A: “I think they’re nice than I thought. Here everything is faster, and they are being very helpful.”