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Agness Mbezi

How many books do you have? Two, four, maybe five? 

Well, sophomore Tayla Ahlf has over 200 books. 

“(I like reading because) I think I like to use it as an escape or almost coping mechanism. When I read I just feel safe and it’s never boring,” Ahlf said. 

This reading obsession isn’t a new kick that Ahlf has been on. Her reading habits date back to the second grade.

“My teacher, Mrs. Anderson, had a little library and a big collection of Boxcar children books. We could only ‘check out’ I think one a week, and I’d always finish them too early and have to ask her to grab another.”

Ahlf has read nearly every book she owns. Her favorite book, for right now, anyway, is The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett. Ahlf is now using social media platform TikTok to further her reading craze. 

“I’ve always read historical fiction, but I’ve recently gotten into fantasy thanks to recommendations on TikTok.”