Page 3: Panther Personality: Hayley Vidales

Alyssa Lai

Junior Hayley Vidales turned her hobby into a business.

Over quarantine, while students were making TikToks, Vidales developed a niche for crocheting.

She makes crochet pieces and sells them on her instagram @crazy_cute_crochet.

“I for real love everything about crocheting, cause you can make whatever you want from like towels and baskets to shirts and blankets and it’s pretty easy to do,” Vidales said.

Vidales picked up crocheting before quarantine but it soon evolved into her favorite pastime.

“I started like right before quarantine started, like two days before, and I started because I don’t know, I thought it would be fun and my mom tried getting into it,” she said.

Her progress since quarantine started has been dramatic.

“At the beginning I only really made drawstring bags, but now I make sweaters, socks, and more. But I am working on a blanket right now.”

Once she became more comfortable with crocheting, she wanted to share her creations with the world.

“I started selling my work around May or so, but it still needs a little more traction to really get moving,” she said.

Within a matter of months, Vidales was on her way to mastering her craft.

“I’m really proud of the new chunky sweater I made or my stuffed animals,” she said.