Graduating at Disney

Josie Nussbaum, Photo Editor

Graduating can be an exciting time for seniors. Getting ready, putting on their cap and gown, but senior Jordan Parker’s graduation day looked a little different.

Instead of a green gown, he wore a diamond-studded cheer uniform and Mickey Ears. Parker got to graduate from Disney World on May 9.

Parker cheers for Cheer Eclipse. His team got a bid to Worlds, which is the biggest competition in competitive cheerleading, and it’s held at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

For a team to compete in this competition they must be chosen and get a bid, which also includes tickets to the Disney Parks. The day of the competition just happened to fall on the day of Graduation.

“I competed at 6:50ish in Florida time. I was getting ready and going to warm-ups while graduation was going on,” Parker said. 

Although he didn’t graduate in the most traditional way, he has no regrets about it.

“None of them could say they graduated at Disney,” Parker said