The Hairstyles Students Have Now

Samantha Perez

Senior Devon Rux did not like his haircut and has currently been growing it out for a year.


Q: Why did you not like this haircut?

A: “It was just long in the back and short on the top, which I did not like,” senior Devon Rux said.

Q: What were your first thoughts when you got it cut?

A: “A lot of people were surprised because my hair has been a lot longer before and I had accidentally gotten it pretty short. I prefer myself with much longer hair,” Rux said.

Sophomore Abigail Belisle was looking for a change in her new hairstyle.


Q: What were your thoughts when you changed your hair into a different color?

A: “Well it is something new for me and it looks very pretty and secondly I told myself that I could just stay like this for a couple more months,” sophomore Abigail Belisle said.

Q: Why did you change your hair?

A: “I changed my hair because my last color was starting to fade and was getting tired of constantly dying my hair purple and pink because I did it so much, so I decided to go for a different style to the colors I have now,” Belisle said.

Senior Leticis Martinez had dyed only the front side of her hair.


Q:Why did you change your hair to the style it is now?

A: “I changed it because I was sad at the time but I like this hairstyle and  saw something similar on google that got me to change it like this,”  senior Leticis Martinez said.