Vy Nguyen


Gretta McEntire

Yale University has an acceptance rate of 4.6%, making it the sixth toughest college to get into in the United States. 

Vy Nguyen, Derby High’s top-ranked senior, was accepted into Yale.

She has also been accepted into Kansas University and Wichita State and is waiting to hear back from Rice and Washington.

Nguyen is not sure of what she wants to pursue as a career someday, but she has some things she would like to explore before making any final decisions.

“What I do know, however, is that I want to keep an open mind and spend my first two years exploring science and the humanities,” she said. “I would love to try my hand at doing research in neurobiology and molecular psychiatry, and I would also love to learn about the social determinants of health and dive more into oral history and archival research to document refugee and immigrant communities.”

Every good student knows that you have to make some sacrifices in order to perform well, and Nguyen is no exception. 

She has most often sacrificed sleep.

Nguyen balances school, work, practice, family, friends, clubs and organizations, so it is tough to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

Motivation sometimes falters.

Balance can be difficult to find.

“Being raised by a single mom for most of my life in combination with me running since middle school has taught me a lot about discipline and taking things one step at a time. This has helped a ton with managing intense course loads,” Nguyen said.

It is not surprising that Nguyen is a very accomplished person. Some of her biggest accomplishments include her involvement in National History Day. 

In 2021, Nguyen’s documentary was shown at a virtual Smithsonian Museum showcase. In eighth grade, she researched the Vietnamese refugee crisis and international frameworks like the Comprehensive Plan of Action. She placed first in the regional and state competition. 

She then went on to nationals and placed second, her research was then published in the International Journal of Naval History.

Nguyen is also involved in clubs and community organizations, including HOSA Future Health Professionals and DHS Dems. She is a part of the Wichita Mayor’s Youth Council, Tobacco Free Wichita, and the Facts Not Cap campaign. 

She said that these organizations taught her a lot, but she has followed some simple rules for herself.

“Know when to say no and reserve some time to immerse yourself in restorative niches like reading, painting, or spending time with other people,” Nguyen said.