Q&A with Mr. Panther senior Conley Hamblin


Alyssa Lai, Copy Editor

Senior Conley Hamblin won the title of Mr. Panther at last night’s basketball game. In this interview, he details what comes with the title.

Q: Why do you think you won Mr. Panther?

A: I won Mr. Panther because I had a combination of a lot of family members that were generous and they wanted me to win. So they put forth a little bit of money and I went around during all my lunches that I had during the week. And I just asked my friends for change or whatever pocket change they had and I ended up winning.

Q: What do you think being Mr. Panther means to you?

A: Mr. Panther, to me, kind of just means that I was one of the guys in the senior class that kind of just represented Derby really well from sports or football and just being a good person all around. I kind of feel like I represent Derby in a good light.

Q: What traits of yours do you think appealed to voters?

A: Well I think I’m just a friendly person in general. Like I never really go out of my way to be a bad person. I always try to be as happy as I can to make as many friends as possible. So with that, I’ve built a lot of connections and that helped me win.

Q: In what ways do you represent Derby?

A: I always try to be the best person I can be. So I think I represent Derby in the way that I’ve built a lot of relationships here and when I go around Derby there’s a lot of people that recognize me. I’ve tried to be a positive representation for Mr. Panther.