Q&A with Meya Howell, Class 6-5A runner-up

Sophomore Meya Howell wins 2nd place at State Wrestling.

Janeah Berry, Design Editor

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Sophomore Meya Howell finished second at 191 pounds in Class 6-5A. It’s her second runner-up finish at state.

How difficult was your match?

“I don’t really think it was difficult. I think that a lot was going on in both of our minds. I feel like I’m a bit  generous when it comes to matches like this when I shouldn’t be and that’s something I need to work on. I know both of us put in a lot of work but I do think next season I’m not settling for this again. I refuse, too.”


What helped you get to the state title match?

“Honestly not even only getting to state but between state matches ,this is like the most anxious time and most time for stress to start getting in. And before every match, I’m talking to God. When I start getting anxious over there, I lay down and just play music, I go to the bathroom and just sing. I don’t know, just talking with God kind of helps calm my nerves and help me know I can do it and give me less doubt.”

How is it being a girl wrestler in a boy-dominated sport? 

“Honestly, it’s improved so much. I feel like a lot of girls had to prove themselves and this is exactly what state is for. But as the years grow, I know, I KNOW, girls wrestling is going to become more dominant as boys and eventually both are going to love it.”